Casual Chic – The New Wardrobe of this Spring

As we head into a new season, we reflect on all that happened since March. COVID-19 has redefined our way of living, traveling, socialising, and working. As a result of these huge lifestyle shifts, we have changed the way we dress.

As Spring arrives, we can look forward to refreshing our wardrobes! 

Dressing for a work from home lifestyle

Our fashion reflects our lifestyle, and in the last six months, we've gravitated to more comfortable items that offer lots of versatility. With working from home becoming a reality for many people around the world, an opportunity to rethink our wardrobe presents itself: out are the corporate suits that were reserved for office hours, and in with versatility. 

Our Spring collection is made of pieces of clothes that are wearable every day and adapt to our new way of life.

A look at the modern wardrobe

Flowy fabrics, looser shapes, and more comfortable clothes without being or feeling daggy, that's what we are all looking for. It's important to feel comfortable while still feeling ready to take on the day when you get dressed. 

With more time out of the office these days, women are in search of tops that will look just as good with tailored pants as they do with a pair of jeans.          

Every wardrobe should have dresses that look powerful with heels and feminine without.


We love pants that can be dressed up with heels but also worn with our favorite sneakers (Veja please!).
Wide-leg Pants

These uncertain times mean that we can all do with a little Spring in our step. Shopping for clothes and updating our wardrobes with classic pieces that fit our current lifestyle is a good investment and helps keep us inspired.

If you're looking to update your wardrobe with fresh items for Spring, visit our boutiques in Paddington or Bronte. We will be happy to help style you for whatever your needs are.