Comfy... but FASHION

The days are here ladies... You know, the ones when you reach for that certain piece of clothing in your wardrobe that gives you an emotional hug every time you wear it? For me, it's my soft woolies that I pop on and instantly have me feeling comfortable.

Cocooning, or also known as wrapping yourself up in all the warm and cosy loungewear possible, is becoming more and more relevant nowadays with the increase in WFH days (thanks COVID), so since our wardrobes have slightly changed this past year and loungewear has become far more socially acceptable than the corporate fits that were way more relevant in 2019... I wanted to create a collection that would be perfectly suited for this! 

My new collection is curated specifically around extra soft wool blended knitwear, neutral pastel tones and slouchy shapes which are all still feminine, effortless and flattering.

The thought process behind these pieces was that they looked cosy enough to nap in (because let's be honest, who doesn't love a nap), but then throw on a pair of Vejas or boots and some pants and you are ready for dinner with friends. Comfort yet stylish!

So that is that, the inspiration behind this month's new looks... Stocking up on all of those knits, cosies & lounge pieces (but making it fashion of course!). 
My tips for these nippier "cocooning" months? Rug up girlfriend! But of course, with your favourite scented candle, a shaggy rug, and a hot English breakfast tea by the fire.

Cocooning everyone... But make it stylish.