How to dress like Anne and Lola in LOL

What I love about the French movie LOL is the mother-daughter relationship and their shared wardrobe.
I am super excited to see more and more mothers and daughters come to the stores for a shopping session together as it's exactly what I used to do with my mum in my teen years (and still today) and it’s so satisfying to see them chat about the pieces they could buy and share.
With Mother’s Day around the corner, I’d like to share a fun French movie (it has to be light, fun and cheerful, right?) in which the main characters have great everyday wardrobes (Parisian and effortless style, of course!) with a good story line about the intricacy of the mother-daughter relationship.
I'd like to introduce Anne and Lola from the movie "Lol." These two ladies have style in spades, and we can't get enough of their chic and effortless looks.
Played by the stunning Sophie Marceau, Anne is Lola's mum and a successful writer. Her style is all about classic pieces with a modern twist. She's often seen wearing blazers, crisp white shirts, and jeans (rings a bell?). Her outfits are simple yet sophisticated, and she always looks polished and put-together.
But Anne also knows how to have fun with fashion. She's not afraid of bold prints or bright colors, and she's often seen sporting a statement piece like a patterned scarf or a colorful coat. Anne's style is all about mixing the classic with the contemporary, and we love how effortlessly she pulls it off. 
Played by the talented Christa Theret, Lola is a teenage girl trying to navigate the ups and downs of high school. Her style is all about youthful energy and playful experimentation. She's often seen in cute dresses, colorful jackets, and trendy accessories like scarves and hats.
Lola's style is all about mixing and matching different pieces to create a look that is uniquely her own. She's not afraid of taking risks with fashion, and she always looks like she's having fun with her outfits. Lola's style is a great reminder that fashion should be playful and enjoyable.
Overall, Anne and Lola's fashion styles in "Lol" are a great example of French fashion at its best. From classic pieces to trendy accessories, these two ladies know how to look good and have fun with fashion.
So if you're in need of some fashion inspiration, take a page out of Anne and Lola's book and start mixing and matching your favorite pieces today.