One thing I started doing in Sydney and never in Paris (for weather-linked obvious reasons) is wearing light-coloured pants in winter.

I love wearing beige and off-white pants in winter in Sydney. The weather is usually sunny, temperatures are crisp in the morning but warming up through the day and wearing light-coloured pants in winter creates a refreshing and stylish look totally adapted to the season.

Here are some tips and "inspo" to help you pull off cream pants during the colder months:

Choose the right shade - Instead of bright white, opt for lighter shades that are more appropriate for winter. Soft neutrals like cream, ivory, light gray, or pastel hues can work beautifully during this season. These colours evoke a cozy and sophisticated vibe while still maintaining a light and fresh feel.

Embrace layering - Layering is essential for staying warm during winter, and it can also add depth to your outfit. Pair your light-coloured pants with cozy sweaters, chunky knit cardigans, or longline “coatigans”. This combination of textures and layers will not only keep you warm but also create an interesting and stylish ensemble.

             Light-coloured pants


Play with contrasting colours - To make your light-coloured pants stand out, pair them with darker or richer tones. This creates a striking contrast and adds depth to your outfit. For example, combine cream pants with a black jumper or blouse or light blue jeans with a navy blue top.


        Cream pants with coloured tops


Incorporate winter accessories - Accessories can enhance your winter look while providing additional warmth. I love adding a chunky scarf which will not only keep me warm but also add a stylish touch.

As for footwear, ankle boots in neutral tones like black or brown can be versatile and stylish options. Alternatively, you can choose knee-high boots or even stylish sneakers depending on the occasion.

To summarize and simplify, wearing cream pants in winter is a bit like dressing up your denims. It is a simple yet stylish look which is easy with the right tops and shoes.