How to wear your favourite shirt dress?

I love a shirt dress. It is stylish, timeless, comfortable and can be worn in many ways.

Pick the right accessories and shoes

My shirt dress is versatile enough to suit any occasion, whether I select a relaxed daytime look or a dressier evening outfit. I only need to tweak a few things to adapt to the circumstances. 

1. Wearing shirt dresses with sneakers is really cute for a laid back twist to the look whilst remaining stylish. Same goes for sandals, it is also a comfortable and casual option for everyday wear.

2. The same shirt dress can be dressed up by adding heels (my favourite go-tos are wedge espadrilles) and pairing with cute accessories such as earrings and a small bag.

3. I can change the look of my shirt dress by adding a belt that will define my waist and elevate my look in a blink.

Autumn = layering

Now as we are about to enter a new season, I know I can still be warm and cosy with my shirt dress by layering (and it looks so good)!

1. I can very easily layer my outfit with a denim jacket. It's a cool and practical option for a more casual look. A blazer will also look great and a bit more polished.

2. For a cosier look, I'll pair it with a loose knit such as an oversized cardigan or even a jumper (pop the collar over the round neck). Using a knit with a contrasting colour or texture will add interest to your look.

And of course when the weather will get colder, make sure to take your boots and tights out of the closet. Et voila, you have a dress that not only you can dress up or down but that you can wear all year round.

Don't forget to experiment with different layers and textures to create a unique and stylish look that works for you.