My Instagram hack journey

Hi lovely ladies,

If you have opened this article, then I guess you are genuinely interested in Volange and probably a long time customer, likely one of our Instagram followers, or you USE to be one of them...

On Sunday, 24th of October 2021, sometime between my kid's homework and dinner preparation, I received a WhatsApp text message and picture that left me numb for a few minutes: "I can return your account for 100 euros", along with a photo of my account with some weird name on it. At that exact moment, when I realised what was transpiring, I rushed onto my account to find a robotic message letting me know that I have been logged out.

Within a few minutes, my business Instagram account was hacked, password, phone number and email address all changed WITH NO WAY TO LOG BACK IN!
A wind of panic goes through my head, it is gone! Forget about dinner (kids can have leftovers), homework (who cares about probability anyway?). Social media is my priority tonight and I have to resolve this emergency no matter what (I know ridiculous!)

Let's rewind a little:
6 years ago I created Volange Paris in Bronte, soon after I opened my Instagram account, slowly, slowly, very slowly with a lot of work and recently the help of my beloved marketing team from Bistrot Media, I have managed to grow this account from nothing to a beautiful feed, with a great community of followers, most of them loyal customers, and this is all gone within a minute.

After four weeks of begging, praying, lighting candles at night, manifesting to the universe, and hoping that someone from the holly kingdom of Instagram will reply and tell me that it is all sorted: NOTHING. Only more robotic messages kindly telling me to log in with my phone number or email address to recover my password, Grrrr!

Unfortunately despite all the powers (and billions) that the mega-giant has, looking after business customers is not part of the commercial policy.
So here I am today, telling you my story so you understand why you have not seen anything new from Volange on your feed for weeks (It's a shame because we have so many gorgeous pieces at the moment) and why I am asking you to be kind enough to click here so that we start over again together, with your help.

Thank you!
Prune xo