My Christmas in Paris

Paris during Christmas time is magical, "feerique" like we say in French, it's what you would envision in a fairytale book. Every corner you look at is filled with charm and enchantment, from the lively outdoor ice skating rinks to the whimsical Christmas markets that fill the streets, to the fairy lights in the trees and on the buildings, and all the Christmas decorations in between... Of course, we cannot forget the well dressed Parisians... Thinking about it all has me so nostalgic I can smell the hot chestnuts grilling on the corner of the street. Paris isn’t called the City of Light for nothing, if there are one (or two) things that Paris does exceptionally, it is Christmas and Fashion! 


Everywhere from the Champs Elysées to the Place des Vosges, going through the Louvre and down to the Marais... is a festival of lights.

So whilst I continue down memory lane, if I were packing up my bags and jet-setting over to the land of love, fashion and lights tomorrow - here is the (non-exhaustive) list of places I would visit:

- First up, I would be admiring the decorations of the Galeries Lafayette with my kids, for those who haven't been, it's an amazing thing to do with the family!

- It can't be a white Christmas in France without a hot chocolate, next on the list would be my family and I, dining in at none other than Angelina to sip on a hot chocolate whilst indulging in their amazing Mont Blanc (a delicious specialty made with chestnuts, the best!)

Source: @angelina_paris

- Of course, shopping is left to the last minute (whoops!) - but luckily I can grab all my last-minute gifts at my favourite concept store, Merci

Source: @merciparis

- Finally, It's not a day well done in Paris if it doesn't end with pastries, so of course, I will be picking up some of the most toothsome delicacies from Cedric Grollet. I have been admiring these from afar on Instagram for the past 3 years

Source: @cedricgrolet

The final leg of my stay would be in Trocadero at my sister's house. From there, I would be able to galivant around all of the posh and beautiful places around the area (how lucky am I?!). And when comes Christmas, it will be family time, my favourite time of all where I'll be able to wear my favourite outfits from my new collection. Something that I will cherish so much, especially since I will be here in Sydney this year and missing out on quality time with my extended family and dear friends. 

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What a little treat it was, going down memory lane with you all. The shops, the cafes, everywhere is a delight for the eyes. For me, this is what truly brings the spirit of Christmas, reminiscing such a beautiful and special time in Europe