My French Christmas

In my family and many other French families, we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. I remember the excitement coming up after 6 pm when my Dad started to pop the Champagne, whilst my Mum brought the delicious delicacies she had prepared all afternoon to the beautifully decorated table. If you’ve heard about French people eating long and slowly, Christmas Eve dinner is the best example of this French custom. 

This year for the Christmas Eve celebrations, I will pop on my Top Belinda with white jeans, or my top Jae with pants Aude. My favorite party outfits to stay comfy, and still look dressed up with on-trend and super chic styles, what more could a girl ask for?!

The eve of Christmas is always warm and fun with a series of festive specialities, such as:

  • Foie gras on toasted brioche
  • Smoked salmon on mini round toast (sometimes with caviar)
  • Mini feuilletés (mini puff pastry stuffed with olive, sausage or bacon... delicious)
  • A cheese platter (we are in France, right?)
  • There is always room for sweets, especially when it is my mum's  delicious dessert: Les Oeufs a la Neige (literally, "snowy eggs") delicious, light as air meringues, floating on crème a la Vanille (sorry but custard does not work here) lightly covered with caramel - yum!

And we would be having all of the above whilst sipping on copious amounts of Champagne, while we listen to Christmas music and open our presents. 

It's gifting time (my favourite time!), wrapped up under the Christmas tree would be a pair of stunning little earrings like my earrings Chandelier along with a bag  bee zip for my Mum, for my sister - a pair of my favourites, the Veja sneakers would be making an appearance in her stocking, along with the pretty little necklace star... and for my daughter, well she is a lot harder to buy for, so a Volange gift card it is for her! That way she can pick out something she loves.