Dress like Marion

Who is Marion Cotillard?

Whether it's high-fashion glam or minimalist chic if there is one thing Marion Cotillard does well (besides her phenomenal acting career), it's perfect the Parisian effortless style. Marion is in her mid-forties and looks and styles aside, she made it to the international scene with her performance as Edith Piaf in La vie en rose about 15 years ago. If you haven't seen the movie, watch it!  

She has since become the ambassador for luxury brands Dior and recently Chanel, showcasing in their worldwide campaigns. Despite her high flyer career, I love how she keeps her private life to herself, you will rarely read anything concerning her private life in the press, even though she is married to an extremely handsome and super successful filmmaker (and actor) Guillaume Canet.

What makes Marion even more marvelous is that she uses her voice and fame to better the world, working for non-proofits and being the spokesperson for Greenpeace.

Her Style

Marion knows style. This is the real reason why you are all flicking through this article, right? To read up on her timeless and elegant French style. She is the immaculate example of what it looks like to nail effortless Parisian-chic style, thanks to her never-failing tailored taste in edgy and tasteful ensembles, just like the mini skirts and floral patterned looks she pulls off so well! 

Her style is the epitome of effortless, electric and unconventional fashion while remaining elegant and natural. When she’s not on a red carpet, she dresses for comfort and function, opting for jeans, a white tee and a pair of boots or sneakers. The signatures I love and have adopted throughout my collections. Marion does an immaculate job at creating that flattering look that is also approachable, putting forward a cute clutch, natural makeup, a basic tee and some flats - et voila! 

My Marion Collection

My latest collection was roused by the casual chic and elegant styling mania that Marion Cotillard portrays. An assemblage of captivating and basic pieces curated in the most simplistic, yet edgy form.

Credit photo: Marion Cotillard