How to wear the jean flare

Ahh, the good old Jean Flare, surely, like me, you have flaunted this trend at one stage in your life? From the runways of fashion week to the celebrity-lined sidewalks in NYC, the seventies classic Jean Flare has made a return to our wardrobes (yay!). With each season that rolls around, the flared jean gets a little more improved and trendier than the last style... let's call it the Jean Flare 2.0. And, if you are someone like me who loves to emerge with the trends and aren't into rehashing out the old vintage flares, you might need to re-think and invest in a newer version that will keep you looking stylish this season.

If you are tall, well that is good for you! This style of flared jeans is usually a little longer in leg length and if they are cropped, they look so cute above the ankle.

If you are short (like me), either customise the long ones by cutting the bottoms and leaving the edges raw or look for a pair already cropped (above the ankle for the tall ones).

Besides the fact that Jean Flares are flattering and comfortable, they are surprisingly versatile too. Retro, casual, chic and boho... these are just a few styles that can be mix-matched and flaunted with a pair of flared jeans. How you choose to wear them and what you choose to accessorise your look with will decide on the style you end up with for the day!

4 Ways to style the Jean Flare

Pop some heels (wedges or pumps) and a feminine detailed top on, with a pair of pendant earrings and a bangle with a red lip for a stylish look.
credit photo: 1. Claudia Schiffer 2. Volange 3. 4.pumps and push ups

Sneakers (good ones, not runners) and a trendy t-shirt (we love our cap sleeves with the creative message T) for a more everyday look.

credit photo: 1. Volange 2. net a porter 3. tendance de mode 4. Chloe Sevigny


Throw on a pair of wedges, a blouse, and accessories with a cross-body bag and skinny belt.

credit photo: 1. madeapants 2. 3. steal the look 4. Society 19


Pop on a blazer or cropped jacket, a cami and a classic belt for more of an elegant look.

credit photo: 1. impossibly imperfect 2. Grazia France 3. the quarter life closet 4. Victoria Beckham

I welcome the Jean Flare with open arms, I am obsessed with its versatility, timelessness and how trendy you can style them.