Dress like Vanessa

Who is Vanessa Paradis? 

Muse and friend of Karl Lagerfeld, popular singer & French actress, Vanessa Paradis and I grew up together. Well, not literally, but in the same era. And I have always envied her day-to-day looks and overall style. The gap-toothed French beauty has carried the style torch over the decades and, as a 14-year-old, recorded a number one hit in France, I remember it so clearly as I was still in High School and the song "Jo Le Taxi" would be played on repeat. I would tune out with my friends and admire Vanessa's funky baggy jeans, chunky Paraboots and oversized pink sweater. She was the epitome of sensual and effortlessly cool fashion.

Since then, Vanessa has been swinging from boho chic to sexy rock with success. What else do you expect from a woman who used to date Lenny Kravitz and was married to Johnny Depp? She has inspired the most creative of looks in the past but in such timelessness and apparent ease.

The Vanessa Paradis style

Vanessa is Queen at mixing and matching styles to create a unique ultra-feminine yet simple look. It's hard to pinpoint her exact style because there is nothing or no one to really compare her to. Paradis doesn’t need tricks to shine and that’s why we love her. She is the perfect combination between a romantic bohemian and a tomboy.
When she hits the red carpet, she would be wearing something simple, long, elegant and feminine to go with a clean and timeless hair look. For her everyday look? You will find her in stonewashed denim and peasant tops, blazers and oversized tee's - the ultimate "comfies" but done in a way that still looks stylish. Like Karl Lagerfeld said: “What’s impressive about Vanessa is not what she does but the way she does it.”… and we agree!

My Vanessa Collection

When we're looking at French women's style, it's obvious no one does it better than the Paradis of the world, and with that, my latest collection was curated with the casual chicness and bohemia styling inspiration of that of Vanessa herself. A capsule that represents feminine, colourful and basic pieces for your everyday look. 

Photo credit: Vanessa Paradis