How to tuck your top

Front tuck (also French tuck), full tuck, or no tuck?

It's a question that's often debated but 99% of the time, tucking is going to be a more flattering look on most women...

Let's face it, slim-fit tops are out of the everyday wardrobe. They may have looked great back in the day with skinny-leg denim jeans, but they are a thing of the past and for the better (who said we had to compromise style and comfort?).

So for those who are yet to figure out how to make the most of these gorgeous lax tops without looking like you are drowning in fabric, here is a simple guide on how to use the tuck with brio.

One of the most common questions we get asked by our customers is 'how to make the everyday casual top look stylish without being sloppy'...

So, which tuck are we using and when ladies?
For me, I steer between the front tuck (also called the French tuck, quoted by Tan France from Queer Eye - highly recommend this series by the way!), and the full tuck depending on the top I WEAR.

Tucking your shirt in completely is a tailored and more elegant look, I will do this when I am off to work meetings or have something classy on in the evening, whereas the front tuck is more my everyday go-to.

For the front tuck, it's as simple as grabbing the front of my top and tucking it inside the front of my pants, skirt or high-waisted shorts. I usually will adjust it a little for an inch of puff. My little tip for creating the perfect 'blousing' effect? Tuck in and then raise your arms above your head - this will construct just the right amount of *blousey-ness*.
By doing this you reduce the amount of fabric and define your silhouette without looking like you are going to a job interview. If you happen to be wearing a belt (I say YES to this!) then even better, this look will be that little more stylish but without being too overdressed. This type of style works best with oversized t-shirts, jumpers, knits, or anything really that's a little looser.

High-waisted pants or skirts highlight your curves, this style calls for a full tuck. I will tuck in my blouse fully around the waist and pull it out a tiny bit to make it a little puffy. I find that a flowy top with a full tuck is much more forgiving and allows movement (way more comfortable as well!), and it works with the same clothing pieces mentioned above (except jumpers).
No matter the tuck, I will always add a belt if I wear pants for extra definition and a more finished and elevated vibe.

Are you someone not convinced that tucking is always the most “flattering” look for your body? Maybe you respect the trend but is it for everyone?
Personally, I will always say yes to the tuck, I like wearing relaxed tops and I find they always look better tucked in... so, I guess the only time I don't tuck is when I wear my pyjamas or my gym gear (and then again, I am tempted!)

Once you have mastered this very simple principle, you can wear anything you want - the world is your oyster in the land of tucking!
And, if you are still not convinced about the tuck trend, pop into my store, and have a chat with us! We are experts in the half/full-tuck standing.