How to dress like Sienna Miller

Who is Sienna Miller?

In a nutshell, she is our undying fashion crush. From boho Brit in her boots and frocks for the ultimate festival fit to everyday street style chic, Sienna Miller wears every look and trend ever so effortlessly.
She is not French, but I will make an exception because she gives me total style envy. We have admired her impeccable looks in the recent TV series Anatomy of a scandal (does this woman age??) and everything she flaunts and wears so well in between - effortless, hipster and boho are the three main words that come to mind when I think of Sienna's style.
Sienna Miller, British-American Actress, mum of one, in her early 40s is famous for spreading the word of the boho chic craze which was a mixture of bohemian and hipster.

The Sienna Miller style

No matter what she wears, it always looks great. So let's take a look at what she does to achieve this perfect (to me) fashion style that she qualifies herself as "minimal, cool and comfortable".
First off, the jeans. They are a staple in Sienna's wardrobe (and in mine) and she wears them with brio adapting to the occasion.
From light-washed flare to denim blue relaxed jeans, Sienna knows exactly how to accessorise her denim on any occasion.
A pair of skinny jeans + slim fit top/shirt + cocktail shoes et voila, she is dressed for the night! Or, for the more everyday vibe - slouchy white denim + cosy sweaters and she is bedecked for running daily errands.
Then the "it" piece, from designer bags to shoes, there is always a statement piece that screams luxury in her outfit and I kind of like it. Whilst I am not a fan of the total luxe look, I think it is nice to add a high-end designer component to your 'no-frills' look as long as it is timeless and subtle.
Sienna does this so well, for example, when she dresses for a red carpet event - looking simple and smart wearing a slip dress.

My Sienna collection

All in all, Sienna knows style. She has a pleasing taste and mindset toward the ever-evolving fashion trends, and always works with the look without being ostentatious and bling.
So if you want to be stylish like her but don't necessarily have the budget for Gucci shoes, Fendi bags and $400 jeans, have a little look at my latest selection. It's a whole assemblage inspired by the feminine, hipster and chic looks that Miss Miller does so well!

Photo credit: Sienna Miller