Do you have gold envy or are you just looking for an efficacious way to spice up your look? Shiny accessories never hurt. Actually, they are always welcome in my wardrobe as they are the most uncomplicated way to elevate my look in the most simplistic, stylish and effortless way.

From jewellery to bags, belts and shoes, let's take a peep at how I mix match and bling up my looks (not necessarily all together).

Gold Jewellery

Incorporating jewellery, particularly gold, into your look is always a good idea! It brings feminity and glamour. Not only is it simple, timeless and classy, but styling your look with minimalist touches of gold such as dainty earrings and necklaces will complete the whole vibe.

Sheer and romantic pieces such as dangle or drop earrings will dress you up either for a casual lunch or a luxurious wedding.


Gold bags

To me, gold bags are a must. They go with everything from relaxed to chic adding that trouble-free edgy touch. And they go with every colour. 

Accessories are powerful when you use the right ones, an outfit as simple as a pair of jeans and a t-shirt can go from simple to luxe with an underrated gold bag.

This season, metallic bags seem to hit the spot, whilst they are all over the runways and are a party season staple (in my eyes!), they have this style about them which makes them go through the trends season after season - they seem to be the epitome of timelessness! If there is one bit of bling you should invest in this season, let it be the almighty gold bag. 


Gold shoes

If the gold bag is not your thing, why not take advantage of *dazzling* up your feet and add that magic touch of bling that will transform your daily pants and top mix into a snazzy look?

Time to throw away the daggy flip-flops and replace them with a pair of lustrous flat sandals to take you from cruising down at the beach all day to a fancy dinner in the city.


Gold belt

Another way of adding some bling to your day-to-day look is through a belt. It can define the waistline, add a little bit of boujee-ness, and inject sparkle or all of the above!

A belt in itself is always a good idea to complement an outfit and a gold belt will add that impressive glam touch to take your look from daytime to the dancefloor... or perhaps, just dinner! 


Gold details

Now, if gold accessories are too much for you but you still have that gold touch envy, French clothes are renowned for blending touches of gold throughout the fabric, such as gold dots, lurex stripes, and gold details. We always have a good range of "subtle bling" pieces in stores, whether on dresses, tops, or pants.