Dress like Naomi

Who is Naomi Watts?

Not only should Naomi Watts be applauded for her admirable work as an actress, but she also deserves a significant amount of praise for her stellar fashion sense and iconic street-style looks - both on and off the screen. I sincerely trust that the 54-year-old’s style truly reflects her laid-back, adaptable & visionary personality. Although she was raised in the UK and Australia respectively, Naomi brings a Parisian flare to her style by intertwining aspects of elegance, composure and feminine effortlessness to her day-to-day looks. 

The Naomi Watts Style

Close-to-home actress Naomi Watts is a great style match for Volange. So much so, in fact, that one could be led to believe that her unfussy looks come straight out of the store! She is effortlessly elegant and her laid-back aesthetics enable a functional look that we are all so familiar with. An example of this is evident in outfits such as her signature jeans + tee combo or one of her many flowing dress looks - both of which she definitely knows how to rock! Additionally, Naomi loves to accessorise with bags, sunglasses and subtle jewellery to create her finished look. This element of functionality alongside the comfort it provides is an integral element to accommodate her busy lifestyle - I hope you can agree that it is refreshing to see a fashion icon so relatable in terms of practicality. To oppose the age-old saying, Naomi well and truly proves that beauty does not need to equal pain! 

My Naomi collection

If you are still trying to get your head around this unpredictable weather (one day summer the next monsoon), be sure to follow Naomi's style for inspiration and check out our new pieces - you could almost mistake them to be coming straight from her wardrobe! Whether you seek comfort or a look of undeniable collectedness, I can guarantee you’ll find it all with inspiration from her style. I can’t wait for you all to shop the new collection and unleash your inner Naomi!

Volange's favourite combo
The perfect mix for every day look: White T + denim + sneakers + cross body bag

Jeans wide Denim | T-shirt vibe white | Veja | Bag Sasha black 

 Feeling pretty? 
Floral Dress + sandals + basket 

Dress Edina | Sandals Adele | Bag Alice

 Need to dress up to go out?
Black dress + Black pumps + Gold clutch 

Dress Pamela | Pumps Lou Black | Clutch Elvie

 Cocktail outfit?
Floral dress + Wedges + Clutch

Dress Zucca | Wedges Helene | Clutch Patch beige

 Running errands?
Black dress + Sandals + Tote bag

Dress Divine | Sandals Adele | Bag Oly