How to accessorise your new Summer look

If you’ve been following my Volange journey for a while, you’ll know that I love clothes that I can dress up or down. My wardrobe isn’t large enough to hold once-off pieces that I will never wear again. That’s why I tend to stick to versatile clothes, because with time, I have learnt the art of adapting my look to suit any occasion. The beauty of French style lies in those special details that make each piece unique, and that have the potential to jazz up any outfit. The simplistic yet intricate nature of classic French style means that my collections at Volange can reflect this principle of versatility and our range can easily be adapted to fit any situation. 

After a few seasons of sourcing and putting together clothing collections, I discovered that to compliment and finish the Volange look, it was necessary that I started adding pieces that would execute this ‘dress up, dress down’ idea in a subtle yet effective way. Here is my ultimate list of accessories I use to create my most worn looks:

With these accessories on standby, I'm always prepared for any situation. So whether your season is full of beach days, date nights, or picnics in the park, I can guarantee these pieces will have your looks sorted too!

Everyday look

Lunch with friends

Evening outfit

BBQ/Day event