How to wear a blouse?

I love a good blouse. In fact, I think that Volange’s signature look is a blouse stylishly tucked into pants. Now as simple as it may seem, there is an art on how to wear a blouse to transform your look from dull to chic.
1. Choose the right fit
I am not for fitted tops, I find them old fashioned, uncomfortable and not really flattering, no matter your body shape. Instead, I always go for a more relaxed, slightly oversized fit. The trick is the tucking and then blousing.
2. Pair it with the right bottom
In my opinion you can pair a blousy blouse with any bottoms, it all depends on what look you want to achieve. 
3. Use accessories to elevate your look.
Whether I'm opting for a casual or formal look, I make sure to include key pieces that add a touch of sophistication to my outfit. For example, a belt is a must-have for defining my waist and completing the look. Adding jewellery instantly adds a touch of glamour, making it perfect for dressier occasions.
4. Tuck in your blouse
It's a simple yet effective way to create a more polished look. In my opinion, tucking is 100% more flattering than leaving the blouse untucked. I used to be a fan of the front tuck but I now love tucking all around as long as I make sure to keep the blouse nice and loose for a relaxed and stylish appearance.
5. Consider the neckline.
Whether it's a collared shirt or a blouse, I find that opening the few top bottoms to show a bit of skin is more flattering and feminine than having them closed.
To summarise, it's not really the blouse but how you wear it that will give you edge and elegance. So remember: 
Open the neckline + tuck the blouse + style the blouse + add an accessory
= Be stylish, relaxed, and attractive everywhere, all the time ;-)