Dress like Sylvie (from Emilie in Paris)

If you've watched ‘Emily in Paris’, you may have noticed one character that stands out for her impeccable style and looks. It's French boss Sylvie Grateau, who is the epitome of sophistication and confidence as the director of Savoir PR agency.

Why do we love Sylvie?

She represents the modern mature woman. I mean, 50 is the new 40, right? She is free, independent, confident and has an impeccable fashion style (unlike her young American colleague). Her arrogance is another topic but let's not get into that...

Why do we love her style?

Despite the fact that she is in her fifties (in fact, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, the actress who plays Sylvie, is 58), she strikes the perfect balance between an appropriate, enviable and sexy style. She is attractive without being provocative and her style is age appropriate without being old nor boring. I want her wardrobe!

How does she do it?

Despite Sylvie having a wardrobe full of designer clothes, there are a few simple tricks she uses that make her look good in any situation. Let me show you!

1. She is always very presentable. She maintains a well-groomed appearance, with neat hair and makeup that's not excessive, and puts effort into her overall physical appearance.
2. She uses accessories with brio. You'll always find her wearing the right size earrings, rings and bracelets, paired with shoes and a bag that complements her outfit. Sylvie is almost always wearing a belt, regardless of whether she's wearing a dress or pants, as she knows it's the best way to complete a look.

3. She is not scared to show a bit of skin. She frequently wears blouses that reveal a tasteful amount of skin, flaunting her arms, shoulders, and legs with confidence.

I like finding inspiration through other women and their styles as I begin to approach my 50s. I want to embrace a more polished look effortlessly that I know can be achieved using the right combination of accessories and clothes. 

So, if you're like me and want to return to work looking sharp and chic, check out our new Sylvie collection for pieces that will help you achieve that effortless and elevated look, like Sylvie's!