Le Midi: a day in Sanary-sur-Mer

Ahhh, Le Midi, or also known as the South of France... I miss you!
As soon as you travel down South, you will be taken back by its whimsical charm and Mediterranean beauty. Rich in both history and class, it holds such a special place in my soul from my Summers spent there, years ago.

On the southern French coast, between Toulon and Marseille, lies Sanary-sur-Mer, a hot spot for coastal holidayers and boat goers, and a place I cherish dearly. For me, growing up, I spent the majority of my childhood holidays here, amongst family and friends, Summer after Summer, enjoying the French Dolce Vita.
Tucked in the most enchanting bay, this adorable fishermen village has managed to preserve its charm despite the invasion of the tourism industry. 

Follow me on my typical day in Sanary...

Popping on my Dress Sophie Denim with my Slide Tresse, I would make my way down to "Le Marché" (market) first thing in the morning to beat the crowds. I'll be strolling the endearing market lanes and picking up fruits, vegetables, olives and bread before I get to the fun part and overindulge in all of the great value (and good quality) clothes, linen, shoes and accessories.
A coffee stop will be then be on the cards, so I can sip on my espresso on the harbour whilst watching the hustle and bustle carry on around me.

Lunchtime means a change of clothes - and I have just the perfect little look. The Short Abela and Tunique Light would be the complete little dress combo for an afternoon spent at the Mediterranean Beach Club La Kima. A chic and effortless look to suit the stunning turquoise waters and the kind of decor you want to take home with you.
As the afternoon turns into dawn, I would take myself shopping, strolling the narrow streets filled with little boutiques, looking for that special piece of something that I don't need but I absolutely love. Ahh, take me there now!

As the sun fades and the evening is here (not late by Mediterranean standards), the perfect little Emile Red Dress would make for the ultimate evening wear to stroll night markets whilst I eat and drink my way through sunset.

Oh to be in Sanary again, have you checked out Clara Luciani's latest song? She filmed it right there, in all of my favourite spots. Australia, please re-open your borders so I can go back here soon!

I Hope you felt you went to Sannary-sur-Mer with me!