Travel with Volange: Taormina

The next stop is a place I have not been to yet but is high on my bucket list: Taormina, Sicily, the pearl of the Mediterranean. Think charming sandy beaches lapped by crystal-clear water, natural terraces and beautiful work and souvenir shops to browse after a long day beachside. 

The name alone evokes style, laid back sophistication and "Art de Vivre". If you want to plunge into it, I highly recommend watching the 1960 French classic movie Plein Soleil, with Alain Delon, where timeless chic is a total inspiration...

I would go, with my special someone (who is originally from Taormina), to San Domenico Palace. With magical views in every direction, the palace is located between the majesty of Mount Etna above, the waters of the Ionian Sea below, and the beautiful south-eastern coast of Sicily as far as you can look. I get goosebumps just thinking about it and how immersed in the Italian culture I would be on my voyage there. 

Each year, in Spring, I put together a selection of Italian linen pieces. Designed in France, made in Italy (What a combo!). These pieces are perfect for the all-mighty relaxed Australian Summers we all know and love, as they combine both chic and casual styles. 

On to the more important stuff though, what will be going in my suitcase? My favourite pieces that I will be living in whilst galavanting this enchanted paradise are the below 

My newest collection is an assemblage of timeless linen numbers, created from high quality, classic and durable fabric to wear for years to come. Not just an effortless and trending look, but sustainable and Earth-loving also. Perfect for a European holiday, if you ask me! 

I am a lover of all things linen; not only does it look stunning and is the perfect luxurious fabric you want to wear all Summer, but it is sustainable for several reasons, including the following:

So there we have it, my travel buddies! My next stop on my European virtual holiday through the eyes of fashion, and more importantly: stunning linen pieces.