Les Batignolles: the Bobo Style

Tucked in the northwest of Paris, halfway between Montmartre and the Arc de Triomphe you will find the quartier des Batignolles, a village situated in the heart of the city. All the life of the neighbourhood revolves around this adorable little square reminiscent of a village: filled with fountains, terraces set up around lime trees, ice cream stands and bakeries filled with delectable sweets and pastries. 

This haven is very special to me as I spent five wonderful years over there on the 5th floor (no lift of course) of the cutest building Rue des Dames. My sister was living on the second floor and I had my homeware store on the ground floor! This could have been a Netflix series where all the characters live together and their life is so intertwined, a mixture between the comedic 'Friends' series and 'Emily In Paris', perhaps? 

For anyone who wants to spend a little time in Paris enjoying everything France has to offer, this is an extraordinary place to immerse yourself in. From the vibrant locals far from the hustle-bustle, yet only one or two metro stations away from the action.

In this discrete area, you will relish beautiful little restaurants and bars, small independent boutiques and all the food providers you can dream of for your aperitif.

Chic and bohemian, this area has been conquered by the Parisian Bobos because of its unpretentious background mixed with new trendy vibes.

For the ones who are new to the expression, "BOBO" - the contraction of the words Bourgeois and Boheme - is a recent French word to describe a category of people who are financially comfortable, young(er), educated and non-conformist. 

Inspiration images from left to right: Soraya Bakhtiar, Lady Moriarty & Marie Francois

By adopting a bourgeois bohemian look, you will see that the common theme is cutting edge, versatile and timeless, with pieces designed to stand the test of time. The key to nailing the Bobo look is practical and comfortable numbers, styles like well-cut jeans, elegant shirts and timeless shoes - quality staples and brand’s essentials, which are available season after season.