Spend a day with me in Les Batignolles

As you might know from my previous article, "le quartier des Batignolles" is loved by many Parisians (myself included), not only for its "haven of peace" and quaint village charm but also for its unique bohemian and artsy vibe. 

My day in Les Batignolles

Just like in any French village, Saturday morning is market day! There, you will be able to buy organic produce – I could spend hours on end at the Saturday markets, a beautiful day spent in such a winsome and captivating corner of Paris.
After the market, I would go to my favourite street in Paris for food providers and delis: Rue de Levis. With an amazing selection of rotisseries, cheese shops, bakeries, you name it... I would find everything I need for my groceries of the week and a delicious snack on-the-go. 10 years later I still remember the smell of the roast chickens.

I used to live and had my home décor store on rue des Dames, a lovable street full of quality independent stores and not far on rue Legendre, you will find all the Parisian trendy stores, as well as designer boutiques, and dozens of artisan workshops nestled around the area, perfect for some afternoon shopping!

To finish the day, there are loads of restaurants and bar options from the traditional brasseries to smaller and cheaper eateries. My favourite goes to Mamma Primi, a feel-good restaurant, where the décor and food are superior. I would recommend the decadent truffle pasta, if you love al dente, decedent Italian treats! 

My secret address

What I love about Paris and the "beaten off track" areas, is that there are plenty of boutique hotels, not luxury chains you see everywhere else around Paris -  they are affordable, quirky and intriguing, like Hotel Gaston in the heart of the Batignolles. If you are visiting Paris, try it you won't be disappointed!