What is effortless French style?

By Prune Vibert, founder of Volange

To me, a strong or good sense of style is all about the perception of effortlessness. 

Fashion should be practical, yet unique and feminine. It shouldn’t be too sophisticated and should avoid looking too done up. 

The French woman’s motto is less is more

So what does that mean? Effortless style is simple but not boring, and pairs functionality with beauty and quality. 

This is easy to achieve when you have the right pieces to put together. We can all wear a pair of jeans with a nice top and boots but depending on the pieces themselves, the look achieved can be totally different. From daggy and boring to chic and sexy.

Essential pieces for the effortless look

In fact, effortless can be applied to any fashion style whether it is bohemian, elegant, sexy, classic, or smart casual. The key is to own pieces that can be mixed and matched no matter the occasion. Once you have the staples in your wardrobe, whatever you throw on looks chic even if you’re just running to the grocery store.

At Volange, I curate my collections by selecting clothes that can work effortlessly for all.

You can play around with them, dress them up for a special occasion like a lunch with friends or a night out and dress them down to wear on the weekend or to work.

3 French icons & their effortless look

The flexibility of our collections is why our clothes are popular among such a wide range of women. Our clients do not fit in a particular “box” when it comes to their style. However, something they have in common is their way of life.

Women who shop with us are busy, and shopping needs to be made easy. Our customers know that they will find the perfect piece at Volange, whether it is for work, travel, school pick-up, a night out, or all of the above. They are all after that effortless look that fits their lifestyle.

The key to French style is the perception of looking effortless, even for those rare occasions when you might have lots of time to get ready. That is what makes the French woman’s look so coveted.