Le Haut Marais

Le Marais covers most of the 3rd and half of the 4th arrondissements of Paris, and, in my opinion, is the closest you will get to the feel of true old Parisian styles, boasting some of the oldest buildings with historic stories in Paris.
In my last blog, I talked mainly about the South Marais which has been on the map as a popular destination forever for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, trendy boutiques, paved streets and architecture, from Place des Vosges to Musée Beaubourg. 

Le Haut Marais is more hidden amongst tourists but treasured by the locals. So traditional, yet so modern, it's amazing how "Paris" mixes the two so well. Less touristy, it has a village atmosphere punctuated by vanguard fashion boutiques and up and coming restaurateurs. This area is regarded as the city's chicest "Bobo" (check my blog on Les Batignolles to know more about Bobo) neighbourhood of Paris, what was once known as the less trendy part of Paris, is now booming with celebrity real estate and high-end boutiques. 

First things first, start your visit in this charming sector on Rue de Bretagne which is one of the best food streets in Paris. My number one go-to? Marché Des Enfants Rouges (the oldest covered food market created in 1615!). An old treasure which opens nearly everyday, just the bustling atmosphere of the market is enough to want to make you visit. 

From there you get lost in the surrounding streets and multi-level concept storehouses to discover everything from well known or more up and coming designers, to local artisans that have curated beautiful crafts, ceramics and clothing that are just divine.
The super hot and sought after Merci, Boulevard Beaumarchais, is a must-see and must-go shop for all those who love interior and fashion design. This place has my heart and soul and has inspired a lot of my own boutiques' fashion collections and storefront décor.

The list could go on with my personal favourite go-to places, there are just too many! Pre-living in Australia days, I used to have my own store in Rue Commines, Karma Creative Living, home and furniture. I also had another one in Les Batignolles. At the time, the area was really out of the beaten track, perfect for people looking for unique little gems.

There you have it: a bustling, food and fashion-filled day spent roaming the northside corner of Marais... and that's not even half of it!