Welcome to Trocadéro

You cannot visit Paris without appreciating the spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower from Trocadéro. For those of you who haven't experienced it, Trocadéro is a breath-taking garden built for the world's exhibition in 1937, and is an overflowing space filled with water fountains, sculptures, and museums... the whole stretch is truly postcard-worthy. 

Set in the posh 16th arrondissement, Trocadéro is a landmark you cannot miss, and luckily for me, it is where I get to stay every time I get back to my roots in France as it is where my sister lives. Funny enough, this is where the idea of embarking on my Volange adventure came upon. It was here, on a warm summer's night, while I was sipping on a glass of Rosé with my sister...

This area is definitely chicer than Boheme, so of course, I'll be wearing my trendy jumper Charlotte before I soak in some of the charming Hausmanian architecture (quintessential Parisian style of 19th-century buildings), and pop into the museums and (high-priced) brasseries on my morning stroll. 

First things first, coffee! And the divine Café du Trocadéro does it pretty superbly. Whilst I sip on my espresso, I love to people watch (surely I am not the only one!?). I'll park myself on the outdoor terrace and watch the world of sophisticated and wealthy Parisians go by, be amazed by the mass luxury cars tripled parked at the front, and pedestrians doing their best not to be run over as there are no such things as crossings over here. It's manic, but so beautifully Paris. 

Next up, wandering through the gardens and I am on a mission to tick the must-see MAM (Musee d'art moderne) off my go-to list. Here, is the home of some of the most iconic arts and great exhibitors (Raoul Dufy is on all Summer), it is truly mesmerising to explore and I highly recommend it for all of your bucket lists. 

It's dinner time, and there is nowhere better than somewhere gazing at our dear Eiffel Tower, right?! I'll enjoy delicious Champagne and food at the swish and modern restaurant 'Girafe'. This venue is at the top of my list for when I visit Paris in a few weeks (I have already booked!).

For my night-time outfit, some stylish jewellery, the blouse Virginie Saffron, a pair of wide jeans, the Bag ring Beige and black pumps will be my go-to look, I have to look my chicest in Paris!